AC Tune Up

21 point inspection includes the following:

  • Calibrate and level thermostat
  • Replace filters as needed (only standard filters apply)
  • Monitor volts/amps on fan motor
  • Lubricate and inspect bearings for wear
  • Clean indoor coil if accessible
  • Flush/treat condensate drain with anti-algae
  • Inspect condenser coil
  • Monitor operating pressure of refrigerant
  • Inspect safety devices for proper operation
  • Inspect disconnect box for proper rating and installation
  • Tighten all electrical connections
  • Test/inspect contactors for burned, pitted contacts
  • Inspect electrical system for exposed wiring
  • Test and inspect capacitors
  • Inspect fan blade
  • Clean condenser coil and remove debris
  • Inspect service valves for proper operation
  • Measure temperature difference – supply/return
  • Inspect duct work for energy loss
  • Monitor compressor for proper amperage, volt draw & wiring connections
  • Inspect condenser coil for leaks

Inspection FAQ:

Q. What if a problem is found during the inspection?

A. After the inspection is complete the technician will address any problems with your system with you.

Q. If a repair is needed is that covered in the price of the tune up?

A. In the event a repair is needed and you the customer would like us to repair the issue the cost of any parts used would not be covered. However the first hour of labor would be covered. In the event a repair exceeds one hour and additional service fee would be charged

Q. Your inspection list mentions the inspection of the inside coil if accessible. If it needs to be removed to properly cleaned, will this be covered?

A. In the event your inside coils are excessively dirty due to lack of maintenance and needs to be removed in order to clean an additional charge will be added per unit.

Q. I have multiple units in my home. Will there be an extra charge.

A. If your home has multiple units an additional charge will be added.

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