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4 Essential Reasons Why you Should Upgrade to a Heat Pump

There are a wide variety of features heat pump technology offers homeowners by upgrading. Heat pumps are an alternative to air conditioners and furnaces that are energy efficient. They work similar to a refrigerator where electricity is used to move heat to a space that is warm from a space that is cool, making spaces that are cool, cooler and spaces that are warm, warmer.

Technology of heat pumps offer a service life that is expected to be long and is straightforward. When considering upgrading to a heat pump, consider these features:

Variable-Speed Blower

Many heat pumps that are older and some units of standard efficiency have a air blower that is two-speed. This action of on/off does not create temperature efficiency at maximum. Rooms in your home may overheat or become too cool quickly while the blower runs. Once the blower stops, these rooms may change to the opposite extreme temperature making you very uncomfortable. There may be only a small amount of heat provided to the room when the blower is at full speed due to wasted heat that accumulates up at your ceiling. Variable-speed blowers run at a speed that is slower with a volume that is reduced and almost continuously. Temperature swings are evened out and air circulating constantly helps keep comfort in rooms more consistent.


Cooling and heating efficiency for heat pumps is expressed with Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) and Heating Season Performance Factor (HSPF). The present number range for heating efficiency (HSPF) is 6.5 to 11. The higher the number, the more efficient the heat pump is for heating your house. SEER is what rates efficiency of cooling. Minimum number for SEER is currently 13 for units with standard efficiency. There are some heat pumps that you can upgrade to which are high-efficiency and their rating are as high as 24. However, they cost a substantial amount more upfront. When living in a climate that has a long cooling season, these heat pumps most likely pay back what the initial cost is over the long run with lower energy bills.

Thermostat Expansion Valve

This feature of a heat pump saves money by the refrigerant flow being adjusted continuously to the homes requirements according to the temperature outdoors. Wear and tear and energy consumption is reduced by the compressor being able to work easier. Adequate refrigerant is delivered to warm or cool your home.

Two-Stage Compressor

Heat pumps with the feature of a two-stage compressor can save energy by dropping into an output mode that is lower, when heating or cooling requirements of your home permit. Compressors need to work at 100 percent output only on days of the year that are the hottest, but on other days energy is wasted by doing so. Two-stage compressors shift to about 65 percent output when it senses the temperature load of your home.

After you are done reading all these reasons why you should upgrade to a heat pump, there should be no doubt about upgrading.

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