4 Reasons Not to Neglect Your Annual Furnace Tune-up

Neglecting to have your furnace tune-up done regularly can impact how efficiently it runs and cause malfunctions forcing you to replace your system earlier than necessary.
Service contracts can be expensive and many times you may be able to skip a year, especially if gas is the fuel you use. Due to gas burring leaner than oil does, it is less likely to need repairs and less crucial for components to be cleaned. However, it can be risky deferring any heater tune-up for many reasons.

Safety Risk: It is not uncommon for heat exchangers to have cracks and if you neglect to have regular furnace tune-ups these can go long periods undetected. When you have these cracks, household air which is being heated mixes with combustion gases and is circulated throughout your home. Carbon monoxide, an odorless, colorless poisonous gas can be included in these gases. If there is no CO detector in your home, consequences can be tragic. The professional HVAC technician checks for other possible leaks as well.

System Life: Heating systems that are maintained well last 15-30 years; systems maintained poorly can stop working after five. Nobody wants the costly expense of replacing their furnace any quicker than necessary.

Efficiency: Heating systems lose efficiency gradually the longer they go without a tune-up. A furnace which is maintained well can save you over 10% in fuel costs, this typically is more than the cost of a furnace tune-up. A professional technician will check for leaks in your ductwork also.

Health and Comfort: Your comfort will be improved with a heater that is tuned-up. Temperatures of air and water are optimized, and the thermostat will be tested and if necessary recalibrated. To remove some particles that can be potentially unhealthy from floating in the home and to protect your heating system, a furnace tune-up includes a replacement of the filter.

A Furnace Tune-up with Quality

Annual furnace tune-ups is not a task that takes only 20 minutes. A good qualified professional will take 45 minutes at the least to check such things like thermostat operations, pilot ignition, draft and switches. Mechanical components will be checked, such as pulleys, bearings, and belts, to be sure they are greased and in working order. To keep the highest efficiency, heat exchanger and blower wheels will be checked for cleanliness and cleaned carefully. Wiring must be checked for frayed insulation and loose connections. Refractory cement must be used to reset the stack pipe if it is loose from the chimney joint. Before and after the heater tune-up, system performance needs to be measured.
If your furnace is fueled with oil, expect service time to last longer due to more soot being produced than with gas. There are also more part that move, including circulators, burners, fuel tank filters, and fuel tanks.

When having your annual furnace tune-up performed, only use a certified, licensed HVAC contractor that is insured. Be sure to ask what is including in the service. Make sure your furnace gets the respect and care it deserves.

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