5 Features to Look for with New Furnace Installation in McLendon-Chisholm

Are you looking to have a new home constructed in Royce City and need a new furnace installed? Or possibly, your existing furnace is more than twenty years old and you are looking to replace it for a model that has a high level of efficiency. If either of these sound familiar, or you are considering installing a new furnace for a different reason, do a little research.

Many people have the belief that all furnaces are the same. This is not true. The fact is, there are several different models and types of furnaces that you can purchase, which each function somewhat differently and their end result might be different after installed in your home.

A professional HVAC contractor should always assist you when having a new furnace installed in Royce City, but you should have some knowledge of what you are looking for in a new furnace.

High Energy Efficiency

High energy efficiency is extremely important when looking for a new furnace. Purchasing one that is the most efficient that fits in your budget, will save you the most in the years to come. The Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency rating (AFUE) represents the furnaces energy efficiency. This compares the furnaces efficiency to convert its consumption of energy into heat. This is shown as a percentage. In addition to saving you money on your energy bills, furnaces that are highly efficient help natural resources of the planet to be preserved.

Variable Speed

A motor with variable speed is another feature that you want to look for in a new furnace to install in Royce City. These motors save energy by having to not continuously operate. Instead, variable speed motors adapt to the occupants needs allowing the furnace to create the exact amount of heat that is needed to keep them warm. In addition to saving energy, mold growth is prevented with humidity levels being managed with these furnaces.

Two-Stage Furnaces

If you want temperatures that are consistent, you need to consider installing a two-stage furnace. Temperature fluctuation happens in your home with single stage furnaces, however there is more control with the emitted heat using a two-stage furnace.


Something you will have to live with for a long time is a new furnace that you have installed. This is one reason why you want a model that is “quieter”. Choose a furnace that is two-stage with variable speed, to achieve this. If unable to get both due to your budget, be sure to get at least one for your new furnace installation in Royce City.

Longtime Warranty

If you are looking to have a new furnace installed in Royce City, you want to carefully consider the warranties length. Make sure that the heat exchanger is covered under the warranty for twenty years and five years for everything else.

Have an HVAC professional assist with more details about new furnaces available for installation in Royce City.

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