7 Ways to Troubleshoot Your Furnace before Calling Furnace Repair

With winter right around the corner, you might want to take a quick lesson on troubleshooting furnaces. You can perform these easy tasks on your own before calling a furnace repair technician to try getting your heat kicking again.

1. Double-check that your thermostat is set to “Heat.”

Although this sounds like an obvious solution, many people make the mistake and have their thermostat set incorrectly. There are also times when it is switched off from “Heat” accidentally, possibly while dusting. Make sure the temperature is set at a point where the furnace will turn on.

2. Trouble due to filter.

A common reason for problem with furnaces is failures due to filters. Many homeowners tend to forget about them.

Air going into your furnace and out into your home is cleaned from by the filter. If the filter is clogged or dirty, airflow is limited, eventually causing pressure and heat to build up in your furnace. If you have a newer furnace, they tend to be more sensitive and shut down prior to more trouble being caused from the dirty filter. Other furnaces will keep running but with reduced efficiency and lower heat output.

To see if this is possibly your furnaces problem, look for obvious dirt on your filter. It is recommended they be replaced monthly.
Another way to check if there is a filter issue is listen for a whistle. If enough air cannot get to the furnace through the filter, it pull in air from any opening possible. A whistle can mean you have a filter problem.

3. Does your furnace have electricity?

You need to check if your furnace is receiving electricity. Majority of thermostats have a choice to switch the fan either “Auto” or “On”. When you switch it to “On”, does the fan come on? If not, you know there is no electricity getting to your furnace.

With this problem, you need to contact a heater repair technician to help resolve it.

4. Look for the circuit breaker.

Find the circuit for your furnace in your home’s breaker panel. Check to see if it is in the middle or positioned off. After you found it, throw it off then turn it back on.

5. Replace the batteries?

Some thermostats use batteries, while others are wired to the electrical system of the house. If your thermostat runs on batteries, try replacing them to see if this resolves your issue.

6. Look for the light.

If you have an older furnace, it may have a pilot light that need to be relit. Your owner’s manual should have instructions on how to perform this task. Some people are uncomfortable doing this and have a furnace repair technician assist them.

7. Check your furnaces gas valve.

Check the gas valve for your furnace if nothing else has worked. There is a possibility it was accidentally turned off.
If you are uncomfortable troubleshooting, call a heater repair technician to find your problem. Always put safety first.

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