AC Problems in North Texas

Through the use of Rockwall Area AC repair and the common problems that you will see, there is a lot that can be found. Many people will notice that they do not have the cool air that they’re in need of when the warmer months of the year start rolling in. This is where the problems are first noticed. However, some may experience problems halfway through running the unit in their home.

Knowing what problems can arise with any AC unit is always a good way to go. With this information, you know when to call the professional over to come and take a look at the issues you’re having.

Common AC Problems

Air is coming out warm, instead of cold. This can be a problem with the refrigerant inside the system, or even the coils that will make the cool air come out of the system.
The AC unit continues to run, even though it is colder than cold inside the home. This can be associated with the thermostat sensor inside the system not being able to read the temperature of the air correctly.
The coils inside the unit are frozen and will not kick on when the unit is turned on. These coils will generally have to be replaced, or the whole system will have to be replaced entirely.
The system is not turning on at all. This leads to further problems since you have it plugged in, but it is not getting any electricity to the system. This can be something that might make you replace the entire system.
The unit is on and the blower is all the way up, but there is no air blowing from the system. This means that the cool air is just sitting inside and not being sent throughout the entire home that it is meant to cool.
The air coming out of the system has a burning or other weird smell to it. This can be a clogged filter or a dirty one that would need to be replaced. This can be done on your own, depending on the system that you have or through the use of a professional.

On average, these AC units only last for 12-14 years. Some may last a little less or a little more, depending on the brand and model of unit that you own. It also depends on the type of unit. However, when properly taken care of, you can get years of use out of the unit.

Speak with the Rockwall AC repair specialists that are able to help you obtain the cleanest, coolest air out there through the use of their expert repair skills. They can be sure to provide you with the necessary repairs that are needed to keep the cool air flowing through your home. Don’t be caught in the hot Texas summer without the use of a working air conditioning unit. They’re meant to help and they should provide the comfort needed.

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