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Air Conditioning Maintenance


The spring and summer months in Rowlett, Texas get hot, humid and muggy and stay that way for days at a time, sometimes without a rainy reprieve. After a long day of work sometimes you just want to come home and literally chill out in front of your air conditioner. Unfortunately, some air conditioners stop working or need yearly repairs and sometimes we wait until it’s too late. No one wants to be left without an air conditioner during the hottest months of the year, so try to take action while you can to make sure everything is in working order.

Most people want to adhere by a budget, but spending a little more on a high powered air conditioner can actually save you in the long run. Utility bills can be reduced by up to 60% by using an energy efficient air conditioner model. Not only do they save you money, but they also work a lot better than older models. Upgrading can save you time, newer machines can cool an entire level of a home or business in under 20 minutes. So although these models may be more expensive initially, they are more cost effective over the span of a few years.

Texas is famous for its humidity, certain areas can reach up to 83% humidity over the summer, add heat to that and you’re in for a sweltering day. Sometimes it can feel like someone is wringing a wet, warm sponge over you as you walk around outside. When you enter a house you shouldn’t feel so hot, if you do it means the air conditioner is not working properly. Moisture and damp air actually cause your machine to work on overdrive, these elements require a higher powered machine.

If your current machine is not cooling off the house, consider calling in an HVAC professional who is equipped to assess the situation. He or she may suggest having maintenance performed or give you an option for installation for another unit. The technician will tell you the condition of your current model and assess any damages or issues that can be fixed. Please keep in mind that repairs can be costly due to parts that may no longer be available and need to be special ordered. It may be advisable to have a new system installed that is both cost effective and in proper functioning order, especially for the level of heat it needs to eliminate.

Many homeowners try to further eliminate costs by assessing the problems and giving a self diagnosis. This is not helpful because you need a licensed professional that is trained in HVAC to properly assess and diagnose your cooling problems. Please do not attempt to remove or install new equipment by yourself, it often looks a lot easier than it is. Though it appears that just the unit can be installed or removed, there are more in depth procedures that need to be followed properly and by the books.

Please call a technician to help you properly assess and diagnose your air conditioning problems. We are here to help and ensure safety, we strive to meet our customer’s utmost satisfaction.

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