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Broken Air Conditioning Unit: Repair or Replace?

A broken air conditioning unit in Wylie, Texas can be a pain. With the hot summer heat, you want your air conditioner to work perfectly throughout the hot summer months. What happens when you wake up one morning and it feels like you are in a sauna? Your air conditioning unit must have stopped working overnight and now you have to make the decision to have an air conditioner contractor come out and either repair the unit or replace it. While usually we believe that repairing can be the cheaper choice, there are many factors that make replacing the whole unit to be the better choice in the end.

When you are deciding to either replace or repair your system take this into consideration – how old is your current air conditioning unit? Many systems are designed to last at least twelve years, but in Wylie you know that the summer months can be rough on your unit, so your unit might need replacing even if it is only eight years old. However, if your unit is only about five years old replacing the whole thing is probably not needed and repairing it will most likely be the cheaper and best option for you.

The next thing to consider is how well you think your air conditioning unit has been running before breaking. If you feel like it has been performing it’s job up until the breaking point, a few small repairs might be what is needed. On the other hand, if you feel that the unit has not been working up to par with how you expect it to be or how it has been the past summer, then replacing the unit is probably the best route to go with it.

Also, think about the age of the unit compared to how energy efficient it is. Replacing an older unit really might help you save money – even if it costs more to replace than repair – by being more energy efficient. A lot of air conditioning units that were made ten plus years ago do not have the energy efficiency ratings that the new ones on the market today have. You might not realize that your energy bills are so much higher in the summer because of the frequent running of your air conditioning unit. Also, repairing your system could cost between five hundred and eight hundred dollars, even if it is a some what newer system. If you are willing to put that much money into your system you are probably better off spending a couple hundred more and replacing the whole unit.

You can contact an air conditioning service to get a quote on how much each option would be if you are still having a hard time deciding on what to do with that pesky air conditioning unit that should be keeping your Wylie home nice and cold. Air conditioner contractors will be able to assist you in the whole process, either repairing or replacing, and get your home back to normal once again.

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