Central Air Maintenance for Your Fate TX Air Conditioner

air conditioner maintenance

Summers in Fate, Texas can be brutal, with humidity levels surpassing 83% and temperatures rising well past 100. It is very important to prepare yourself and your family for the hot weather ahead before it arrives. Waiting until the last minute could add a lot of stress to your daily routine and add unnecessary costs to your budget. High heats, humidity and the moisture in the air can all put your air conditioner on overdrive. The cooler month of May is ideal for getting air conditions repaired and even replaced if need be. There are many factors involved in the maintenance of an air conditioner or central cooling unit.

While you may not be aware, there are procedures that need to be followed precisely in order to maintain an air conditioning system that is in proper working order. It is best to prepare for these before the summer months become overwhelmingly hot, this way you have some relief from the sweltering weather. A professional HVAC technician can be called to assess your unit and inform you of the things that need to be fixed.

Your average maintenance assessment should include:

  1. The lubrication of moving parts- Worn down parts can cause the motor to use up more power, essentially costing you more money on utility bills. The proper parts of the machine need to be oiled in order for everything to flow smoothly and work properly.
  2. Checking the thermostat- The HVAC technician will check that the thermostat is registered at the correct temperatures, therefore keeping you comfortable while you’re home, and helping you save money while you’re away.
  3. Inspect system controls- A professional will inspect the start and shut off of your machine to check that it is working properly. They will examine the starting cycle of the unit to ensure that it is running safely. If something isn’t working correctly, it will reveal itself in the inspection process.
  4. Inspect and check the condensate drain- a drain that is clogged can result in a rise in humidity in your home and could lead to water damage in the house. The condensate drain should be inspected when the unit is in cooling mode.
  5. Tighten the electrical connections- Loose or faulty electrical connections can be harmful, they can reduce the life of your air conditioner and make it dangerous to use your system. Connections need to be tight to ensure the machine is working properly.

The above steps should be done by a HVAC professional who is trained and equipped to do the job safely. The only maintenance that should be attempted yourself is relatively safe tasks such as changing filters once a month. Filters covered with dust and debris can damage your machine, a licensed professional can show you how to change them monthly.

Air conditioning maintenance should be done once a year and can be done by a licensed HVAC technician. Please call us for all of your heating and cooling needs, we strive to meet our customer’s expectations. We offer competitive pricing, full and thorough inspections and are here to answer any of your questions. Thank you for considering us!

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