Ductless Heating & Cooling Systems: Easy and Inexpensive Home Upgrade

Ductless air conditioning are a less expensive option of HVAC systems, to add air conditioning that is permanent for homes without ductwork installed. With many older homes they only have radiators or baseboard heating. If factoring the cost of installing ductwork for central air for an older home, it can be very expensive. Sometimes, it is not a feasible option to install them.

Ductless Air Conditioner Installed Rather than Window Units

Air conditioners that are ductless installed, allows homeowners to avoid hassles that come with installing air conditioners every year in your windows, and taking them out at seasons end. These units can be heavy, and storing them in off-season takes up valuable storage space. Also, window air conditioners pose a risk to your security. These window units are more costly on your energy bill, than ductless air conditioning.

Ductless Split System Componentsmini split system up close

You do not need to worry about loss of space with ductless air conditioning, they use very small amount of space in your home. These systems are called ductless split or mini split system because they have two components. These components include:

  • Outside of the home on a slab of concrete is a compressor unit.
  • Inside of the home, a unit containing a fan is installed close to the ceiling of a wall on the exterior where the cooling is needed.

These two units are connected with refrigerant lines that are copper. These lines run through holes drilled in the wall. From the unit outside, the indoor unit is supplied electricity. This makes it so additional wiring is not needed in the room.

Cooling of the Room

Ductless air conditioning units, basically work the way normal central air conditioning systems work. The only difference is, these systems work without having ductwork or any other additional equipment installed, that are needed for normal central air conditioning systems.

The compressor unit that is outside, pumps cooling the air conditioning unit’s refrigerant by way of copper lines to inside unit. Cool air gets distributed throughout the room, by the fan inside of the unit turning. Warm air is lighter than cool air, making it rise while the air that is cooled drops.

The unit that is inside, retrieves warm air and removes it along with any condensation inside of the unit, out of the compressor by use of the copper lines.

Other Advantages

There are other advantages than just cost:

  • Air quality in your home is improved.
  • Multiple units can be installed for air conditioning that is zoned, while cooling only specific areas inside of your home.
  • There is less noise and less electricity use with ductless air conditioning, than other HVAC systems.
  • Each room the system cools keep a temperature that is consistent, easily.
  • Flexibility of where the components can be placed.
  • Heating is provided with some of the mini-splits, also.

There are many advantages this type of cooling system, provides. Keeping your home cool is just a phone call away for professional installation.

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