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Have a Ductless Single Room Air Conditioner Installed in Your Home

Ductless mini-split single room air conditioners have been popular is Asia and Europe for several years, and are quickly growing in popularity here in the United States, as well. If you reside in an older house or one where installing ductwork would not be cost-effective or feasible, this is an ideal alternative to units that go in the window. They are similar to window unit except, you do not have to constantly be dealing with installing and uninstalling ductless single room air conditioners, these are permanent fixtures with no ductwork. There is a condenser placed outside your home and at least one unit indoors with blowers and are mounted up on the wall. Parts are connected by tubing to circulate refrigerant. Tubing, drain, and an electric line are mostly ran through a hole that is 3-inches hidden behind the unit indoors. Each room indoors that has a unit installed in it, cools that room off and has a remote control to manage the temperature and air flow.

Ductless single room air conditioners with the single unit indoors that have been tested, did an extremely well cooling job. Compared to air conditioner that fit in windows, these were systems were much quieter to operate. Ductless single room air conditioners were almost not audible when they were operating on a low setting. These systems cooled off approximately 650 square feet that were 12,000 Btu/hr. Brownouts were handled with ease. The refrigerant use by all these ductless single room air conditioners were eco-friendly.

It is recommended having a HVAC professional install a ductless single room air conditioner, and costs upfront are more compared to an air conditioner you put in a window. However, you add cooling to your home without having to tear your walls up for ducts to be installed, and energy bills are lower with these systems compared to window air conditioners. One drawback of these systems is the indoor unit can be large (fan and evaporator) that is required to be mounted on your wall of your room that you want cooled. This system is an excellent choice if you want to cool off just one or a few rooms. There are times that a duct system is a better choice if you have many rooms to cool off due to the significant cost increase.

Hiring an HVAC Contractor to Install Your Ductless Single Room Air Conditioner

You want to hire an HVAC contractor that has experience in systems of ductless air conditioning, not all do. Prior to hiring them, ask the contractor how long have they worked installing ductless systems and what training do the employees receive that pertains to service and installation of these systems. If these systems are installed improperly, it may lead to the system malfunctioning in the future costing you more money to repair.

Are they licensed? Be sure to check that their license allows them to work in your state.

To have a ductless single room air conditioner installed, get three estimates before making a final choice on which contractor to use.

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