Keeping Your Cool in Texas Heat – Proper AC Repair and Maintenance

We all know what a Texas summer can throw at us. This is a challenge that only a properly maintained air conditioner can meet. Then there are the times that failure occurs, as it does with any piece of equipment, no matter the level of attention paid to your unit. Around the Sachse area, we are the professionals to call for all your air conditioner service needs.
What is an air conditioner?

There are a few major sub-systems that must all function properly for summer comfort. There is a cold side to the unit and a hot side. The cold side contains the evaporator and the fan or blower that sends the cool air throughout the home. The hot side is made up of the condenser, the compressor, and another fan that releases the heat from the condensed refrigerant outside. An expansion valve keeps in check the amount of refrigerant going to the evaporator. Within these systems, there are many parts integral to complete the operation of an air conditioning unit.
AC Air conditioner inspection

The best way to insure proper cooling takes place when needed is an annual inspection before the cooling season takes place. Our seasoned professionals will take the time needed to look at every aspect of the air conditioner and peripheral equipment. This would of course include the thermostat and duct work. If a pre-determined air flow is not met by testing, the ducts themselves could be an issue. Dirty ducts and dampers not set properly could be impeding the cool air from reaching its intended areas. Beyond this, there are many services within an inspection that will be attended to:

Air filter – checked and cleaned or replaced as needed
Blower motor – tested electrically and listen for extraneous noise indicating bearing wear
Indoor and condenser coils for cleaning as needed or leaks
Condensate drain – flush and treat for algae build up
Refrigerant – check for proper pressure levels
Safety devices – make sure they are capable of shutting device down when needed
Disconnect box – check fuses and ratings
Electrical connections – check and tighten as needed and inspect contactors for apparent over – temperature issues
Wiring – check that insulation is not compromised
Capacitors – inspect for proper operation
Service valves – check for proper operation
Fan blades – check while running for noise or vibration and when still for bends or marks of contact
Compressor – check for electrical readings and noise level

AC/ Air conditioner repair

A well maintained unit will still operate only for an average of twelve years or so. That is not to say this time can not be exceeded, but any equipment can have only last so long. During this life time, there may be need for repairs or replacement of all or parts of the air conditioner. Our staff will assess any issues you contact us about and give you the best course of action for both value and longevity.

Call us for the best in air conditioner contractors, your comfort and satisfaction, and stay cool in a Sachse, Texas summer.

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