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Mini Split Heating/AC Units for Large or Small Areas are an Awesome Choice for Your Home

Cooling and heating devices that are permanent and installed in your home in any room are called mini split heating/air conditioning units. These can be used for both small large and small areas that have numerous BTU ratings and are exceptionally efficient. Temperatures can be controlled for a single room with mini split heating/air conditioning units. You are able to cut your energy costs with this by setting the temperature at night in your bedroom cooler or warmer than rooms in your house not being used. Or, have a mini split installed in an addition or garage without having the cost of duct work, and possibly lose efficiency with your existing HVAC system being rerouted. With window units you deal with the loss of cold/heat and drafts, unlike with mini splits which are permanent fixtures. Window units do NOT have as much efficiency with heating or cooling as mini split units. Because these units provide both cooling and heating and are permanent fixtures, there is no having to deal with the trouble of either installing or uninstalling them. A great advantage of using mini split heating/AC units for large and small areas, you keep your entire window. There is no huge unit hanging from the side of your home.

Mini split heating/ AC units for large and small areas have a system that is similar to a traditional air conditioner or standard central but compared to the majority of HVAC systems, it is more efficient and smaller. Compression that is necessary for cooling is provided from the condenser outside where it is connected. Many residents spend majority of their time in their living room or bedroom, and mini splits can be customized for cooling zones. Mini split air conditioning units which are ductless is an option that costs less due to no resources being wasted in areas where they are needed the least. You do not need to cool the entire house if you only want your bedroom cooled.

Some Advantages to Mini Split Heating/ AC Units for Large and Small Areas

There are several advantages that come with these units for heating and cooling.

ductless ac heater mini split heat pump

Ease of Installation

Through an opening of only four inches in your wall or on your ceiling, a copper tube connects the indoor and outdoor units. The amount of duct work is limited.

Energy Efficient

With no ducts, there is less than 5% of cooling lost compared to traditional units that lose approximately 40%. Increased efficiency means lower energy bills.

Individual Zoning

With individual zoning, mini split heating/ AC units allow you to heat or cool only the areas you want heated or cooled. This saves money on your energy bills by not having to heat or cool areas that are unoccupied.


Ducts are not needed due to the copper tubing efficiently cycling the refrigerant through its lines spreading cool air to the entire interior space.

Mini split heating/AC units for large and small areas are a great choice for any home.

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