Preparing Your Furnace Before Winter Arrives

As you know winter will be here before you know it. Before old man winter arrives the most important issue you will need to take care of for yourself as well as your family is to make sure that your furnace is safe, operational, as well as being energy efficient. The worst thing that you could discover is that when that first day of cold hits is that your furnace is not working properly or not at all. (NOTE: A number of issues may arise during the warmer months of summer when you are not using your furnace that affect the performance of your furnace.)

There is no doubt that you should in fact call on a HVACR professional and make an appointment for them to come to your house and inspect your home furnace. During a regular maintenance inspection, the technician will also clean your furnace, change any and all filters that need to be changed, check for any leakage as well as unhealthy gases, and give you the piece at mind that everything is operational. You may also want to check into the pricing of the furnace duct cleaning (It is never a bad idea, if you are able to afford it).

There are a few things that you can take care of yourself to ensure the safety and health of your family.

  • Changing the furnace filters on a regular basis. Many will suggest that these be changed about every three months; others will suggest that they be changed monthly. By taking a look at your furnace filters about every thirty days you will be able to tell if you will need to change it or not. If you cannot see light through your filter you may consider replacing it with a new one.
  • Stocking up on filters during the warmer summer months. Many times stores will put these on as sale items during the end of the colder season; beginning of the warmer months to get them out of their inventories.
  • Keeping the area around your furnace clear. Remove any items that may be stored near your furnace, particularly anything that may be likely to catch on fire. Also check and ensure that you remove any household items that suddenly may find them sitting on top of or in front of any of your air ducts as well as any of your return vents.
  • Contacting your Gas Company and have them fill up your tanks if you are running a gas furnace. Gas can be much cheaper to purchase during the warmer summer months than in the middle of January when prices go according to demand.
  • If you are running hot-water radiators, make sure that you bleed the valves on the radiators. This can be done by opening the valves slightly and closing then as the water starts to appear.
  • Lastly purchase a few carbon monoxide as well as radon detectors for your home, yours as well as your families safety is the number one concern. You can purchase these types of detectors at most hardware stores.

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