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Tips For Hiring an Air Conditioning Contractor

If your air conditioning system fails in Garland, Texas you want the system fixed immediately because the summer months can be rough and hot. It can be tempting to call the cheapest air conditioning repair service that you find, but doing so does not always mean it is the best. Often times, when an air conditioning service has extremely low prices, it means that they are not licensed professionals. Hiring them can lead to problems with your warranty or if something is not done correctly and it breaks two days later there is no insurance backing them up. Knowing what to look for in an air conditioning contractor is the first step to actually hiring a professional to fix your air conditioning system.

Make sure that the companies that you are looking into hiring to fix your cooling system have a physical address. Just because somebody has a van and a business card does not mean they are licensed professionals. A company that has a business address listed in the phone book – or even a website of their own online – shows that the business is established, and most likely reputable.

Of course, asking friends, family, and co workers which Garland, Texas company they may have worked with is a great way to narrow down what companies you want to contact. Even if the people you ask have had bad experiences with certain companies, you will know not to call those companies.

Making sure the air conditioning company you are looking to hire in Garland, Texas is insured and bonded is an extremely important part to hiring the right company. Nothing is worse than not hiring a company who is insured, having somebody injured on the job, and them coming after you for money for the injury. Protect yourself and ask for proof of insurance when calling these companies.

Another great tip when it comes to hiring an air conditioning contractor is to check with the Better Business Bureau to make sure that the company you are looking to hire does not have any unresolved issues. Keep in mind, though, that not every job is perfect and there can be complaints against the company. Too many complaints or complaints left unresolved, however, are red flags.

If you are looking to not repair, but replace or install a new air conditioning system you should get multiple quotes from multiple companies after finding out if they are indeed licensed in the Garland, Texas area and insured. Getting quotes from many different companies can help you choose the right air conditioning contractor to hire by the price you are willing to spend, what you get out of the service, and their professionalism while giving the quote. Do not get a quote from somebody over the phone and take that as a good deal. That is a sure sign that the company is not reputable since house sizes vary – as well as air conditioning unit sizes.

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