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What Mini-Split Heating / Air Conditioning Systems Can Offer Homeowners

Mini-split heating/air conditioning systems deliver heating and cooling that is affordable with some ratings for efficiency that are the best. Homeowners are able to manage a room’s temperature individually with little fluctuation, air quality is improved, and there is a wide range of features.

What is a Ductless Mini-Split Heating / Air Conditioning System

Ductless mini-split heating/air conditioning systems provide homeowners an ideal alternative to forced air, central systems for temperature management indoors when it is neither cost-effective nor feasible to install ductwork. These systems provide homeowners with an excellent option to room additions, supplementing and existing HVAC system, or remodels.

How Ductless Heating / AC Systems They Work

There are three principal components to ductless mini-splits. These include:

Condensing unit outdoors
Air handler/evaporator indoors
Condensate drain, refrigerant tubing, and power cable housed in a conduit the size of 3”=4” diameter

Outside of your home is where the condenser gets installed. The conduit is then ran from the unit outside to individual rooms such as bedrooms, offices, computer rooms, living rooms, basements, and anywhere you would like a controlled temperature. Interior units are then mounted on walls in the spaces that are desired to receive warm and cool air by refrigerant flowing amongst the indoor and outdoor units through the conduits tubing.

Mini-Splits Offer Comfort Zones

Ductless mini-split heating/air conditioning systems are different from traditional systems of forced air where either cool or warm air is distributed throughout the whole house by way of ductwork, these ductless systems environments are managed individually. Each room or also known as “zone” is controlled with a remote to control air flow and temperature. In ductless systems that are multi-unit, which have a single condenser placed outdoors connected to several units indoors, the cooling or heating is where it is exactly needed, this means less energy is wasted to cooling or heating areas that are unoccupied. With “zoning” capability temperatures are able to be set simultaneously according to one’s individual preference, having one room cooler or warmer than another, if desired.

Energy Efficient

Due to no ducts being relied upon to move cooled or heated air for delivery, which can be leaky often, ductless mini-split heating/air conditioning systems are more energy efficient. In addition to no ductwork to lose air, unoccupied areas do not have to be cooled or heated due to managing individual zones, make less energy that is wasted.

Quiet Operation

Mini-split heating/air conditioning systems operate quietly because the component that is noisy (compressor) is placed outdoors and can be up to approximately 100’ away from the unit indoors. Forced air systems have noises from ductwork, which you do not have to hear with these systems.

Low Maintenance

Ductless mini-split heating/air conditioning systems have low maintenance, with many of them featuring filters that are washable and require only a periodic cleaning. Because of the systems location outdoors, contractors have easy access to condensing units for scheduled maintenance.


Mini-split heating/air conditioning systems offer homeowner flexible solutions, being cost-effective, energy efficient, and able to be placed where you desire.

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