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AC Repair in Dallas

There’s really no need to call in a professional on AC repair in Dallas to do something as simple as change the air filter in our air conditioner or central air system. You would be wasting money on a task that you could do yourself in minutes. That doesn’t mean that you should never call in for professional help though. It’s important to know about which maintenance and repair tasks you can do yourself, so you know when to actually call in the professionals for help. Below is a short list that will help guide you to making the right decisions when it comes to your cooling system.

Change the Filter

Both central air condensers and window AC units rely on air filters to continue running properly. These filters do a good job of cleaning up your air, but they can’t function properly forever without being replaced or cleaned. They are designed to become clogged with all the junk in your air, and that junk has to be removed eventually or you’ll run into problems with your system. Changing or washing the filter in an AC unit is simple to do. You can usually access it within the front cover and from there you can wash it out easily, or replace it with a new one. Some filters are washable and others must be replaced periodically. Central air systems usually just rely on the same air filter that your forced-air system uses, so make sure that you continue changing it out as you run the AC throughout the summer months.

Fix the Fins

Most smaller AC units, and even many larger ones rely on a series of fins to perform properly. There are condenser fins and evaporator fins depending on whether you are inside our outdoors. These fins become bent and stop functioning properly over time. To solve this issue you only need a simple device known as a fin comb. You run this comb through the lines of fins to straight them all out to their original orientation. Making the fins straight allows them to do their job properly once again, and can dramatically improve system performance if you fix enough of them.

Change out Fuses

Most air conditioning units come with a disconnect block that helps separate the system from your main electrical lines. This helps protect your unit from damage and keeps it from doing any harm to your electrical system as well. If you notice any issues with your system running properly, shut off the power to the unit and check this block to be sure that the fuses are in good shape still. If the fuses aren’t functioning properly it is simple to replace them with new ones and very cost-effective as well.

Know when to Call in the Pros

Now that you know which tasks you can easily complete on your own, you also know when you run into a job that you may not be equipped to handle. Instead of trying to take on a task that you don’t know how to do and possibly making a mistake, consider calling the pros for AC repair in Dallas instead. It will cost you a bit more to get professional help, but the problem will be solved faster and no damage will be caused to your system in the process. That might not be the case if you try to take on an unfamiliar repair yourself.
Tackle these simple repair tasks on your own to save yourself some money, but know when to call in the professionals to avoid doing more harm than good to your unit.

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