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Air Conditioner Inspections are Important

There are many parts of a home that receive continued frequent attention. We live in homes, which mean we soil our homes. Cleaning is the number one item on everyone’s list of home maintenance. Sweeping, mopping, vacuuming and dusting keep our places of refuge comfortable. A clean home is difficult to truly appreciate, however, when the climate inside becomes unpleasant. One of the most important items needed for contentment is having pleasant air around us. When it’s hot and humid outside, that need is met with air conditioning. The home heating and cooling systems are of paramount importance, and yet may receive the least attention for proper working order. That changes quickly, though, when it stops working.

Maintain the Cooling of Your Home

There are a number of simple tasks a homeowner can attend to in maintaining the cooling of their homes. Filter changes and cooling fin cleaning go a long way toward efficient operation of an air conditioner. Installation of most efficient of systems may not be within a family’s budget, but peak operation of the air conditioner present is. An annual inspection of an HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system almost guarantees comfort inside the home through the toughest of seasons. An air conditioner inspection by a qualified professional will not only reveal failing items, but can allow changes for better overall function.

An HVAC inspection will, as stated, place your mind at ease that the system will deliver, and also may reduce the annual operating costs. A system that runs inefficiently has to work harder to provide the comfort we desire. The extra effort equates to more dollars spent. Basically, a car uses more gasoline when not operating at peak performance. An air conditioner uses more electric energy for the same. Having the air conditioner inspected properly fits well into the home’s annual budget, as it pays for itself monetarily and enjoyment of our surroundings.

A good HVAC inspection by a quality professional service will include many tasks that only they have the expertise and tools to perform. One of the items of attention would be a proper level of coolant. You can lose about twenty percent of operation efficiency with a ten percent loss of coolant. It is necessary to have a licensed air conditioning company maintain this as it is covered under environmental laws. They should test electrical levels of all motors, switches, and relays. The air flow across the indoor unit will be measured. Any moving part that is not sealed shall receive lubrication. The thermostat will be cleaned and adjusted if necessary. Fan motors and belts will be checked and attended to when needed. Temperature readings across the indoor coil will show if the drop needed is existent. These items are of a larger list that the right air conditioning specialist will attend in an annual inspection.

Any decent sized industry or company with equipment necessary for their success knows the value having those pieces inspected regularly for continued operation. A homeowner should have that same level of care for their air conditioning.

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