It’s AC Tune Up Time!

AC Tune Up for SummerNow that winter is gone, the time for an air conditioner tune up is here. A question arises from time to time, about necessity. Any major investment put in your home, should be maintained on a regular basis. It is recommended to have an air conditioner tune up, yearly. This is to ensure proper functioning of the system all season. When the hottest days of the year come around, tune ups help ensure malfunction will not happen.

Air Conditioner Tune Up Saves Money

A homes cooling system makes for about 50% of of the energy bill. If the unit has to work harder, it will cost more. Tune ups make sure they will run smoothly, without need to put extra work on the system. The efficiency is greatly improved, compared to no tune up. In addition, performance is will be at its best after completion. Future problems can be avoided, saving you more money.

What Tasks are Performed During the AC Tune Up

Professionals that are trained how to tune up, repair, or troubleshoot, should perform the air conditioner tune up. For the job to be done correctly, several tasks need completing.

  • To ensure the best efficiency is reached while running, pressure and levels of coolant are inspected. If levels are low this can make the compressor overheat. After time, the compressor will completely fail.
  • Tighten and inspect relay, contacts, wiring, and capacitors. If electrical connections are loose, they will eventually make the connection burn up. This will make the system shut off, and a breaker might be tripped.
  • Check the cleanliness of evaporator coil.
  • Clean and inspect the condenser.
  • Check that the condensate drain is clear.
  • Check over outdoor disconnect.
  • Check over the condenser blades and fan motor. If needed, lubricate them.
  • Inspect compressor amps when starting up.
  • Any additional efficiency check and safety will be performed, if needed.
  • The thermostat will be calibrated, check temperature and proper cycle. Doing that task, improves control and comfort.

    What Part of the Air Conditioner Tune Up Can the Homeowner Complete

    Something that needs to be done regularly, is cleaning and changing the filters. The homeowner can clean the coils, as well. When doing this task, be sure the power is turned off. Another task that can be completed by the homeowner, check the fan belt.

    What Next?

    After the technician finishes the tune up, they will give a written statement of what was done. Any concerns or recommendations the tech has will be written on there, as well. You can inquire about any tips about maintenance. If there are any questions you would like to ask, the technician will answer them for you. If the air conditioning system is maintained properly, expect to receive 15 to 20 years of service. Be sure to schedule an air conditioner tune up, and ensure your family will stay cool on them hot nights.

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