Increase Your Air Conditioner’s Efficiency

AC Compressor Freon RefillYour air conditioner is the product in your home that keeps the comfort levels where you want them to be. With their help, you’re able to enjoy the comfortable inside of your home while the outside is hot and sweltering to the low 100 degrees. If you have a pool, then that may be the only time you head out to enjoy the outside weather around you.

Paying to run the air conditioner in your home though, can be expensive if you are not using it to the full advantage. When you do little things to do it, or even upgrade an older system; you can save more money each and every month in your energy bills.

Here are some tips that you can do to boost the efficiency of your air conditioning unit, keep the costs down and enjoy the benefits of cool air during the hot summer months ahead.

Clean the Outdoor Condenser Unit

When the time comes to clean the unit, don’t just clean what is inside the home. Ensure that the unit on the outside of the home is cleaned, as well. When you have a clean, well maintained unit; it not only works more effectively, but it is more efficient. It can reach the designated temperatures with ease, instead of having to go through the dirt, dust and debris built up inside it.

Keep the Indoor Vents Unblocked

All of the vents inside the home shouldn’t have anything over or in front of them. If there is something there, move it. If there is something standing in the way of the cool air circulating throughout the home, the unit will continue to run for quite some time, causing you to pay more for the unit to run. Not to mention, it might seem like your home is warmer than it should be.

Keep Blinds and Curtains Closed Inside the Home

By keeping the blinds and curtains closed, you’re blocking out the heat and sun rays that may come through the windows. Some windows have energy efficient glass in them that block out these rays, but if you do not then keeping them closed can help you keep the costs of cooling down to a minimum.

Keep Up on All Maintenance

Keep up on any and all of the maintenance that has to be done on the air conditioning unit. You want to ensure that the filters are replaced on time, that any repairs are done in a timely manner. When you care for the machine, it will provide cooler, crisper air throughout the home without having dust inside the unit. It will also run more efficiently and effectively each time it is used.

Before the summer heat hits, make sure to have your air conditioning unit repaired, replaced or ready to go to keep your energy costs to a minimum and your cool air efficiency to a maximum. Everyone should be comfortable when sitting in their homes this summer, and your home is not an exception.

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