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Mini Split Built-in Ductless Heater & Air Conditioners

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What is a Mini Split Ductless AC / Heating Unit?

Mini Splits are permanent heating and cooling devices that can be installed in any room of your home. They are extremely efficient and come in several BTU ratings for large and small areas. Mini Split heating & cooling systems allow you to control the temperature of a single room. This means you can keep your bedroom warmer or colder at night while the unused rooms in your home aren’t costing you to heat and cool. Or, you can install a mini split in your garage or addition without the expense of duct work, and potential efficiency loss of rerouting your current HVAC system. Since they’re built in permanent fixtures, you don’t have to deal with drafts or heat/cold loss as with window units. Mini Split systems heat AND cool with much more efficiency than window units. Since they’re permanent fixtures that provide both heating and cooling, you don’t have to deal with installing and uninstalling them. Plus, you keep all your window and don’t have a big AC unit sticking out of the side of your house.

Mini Split heater / air conditioner has a similar system with standard central or traditional air conditioners but is smaller and more efficient than most HVAC systems. It is also connected to an outside condenser unit which provides the necessary compression for cooling. Mini splits can also be customized for zone cooling especially that a lot of residents spend most of their time in their homes only in certain areas like the bedroom and the living room.

The Ductless systems of the mini split AC unit offer lower cost options than wasting its valuable resources in areas where such resources are least needed. This means, there is no need to cool the whole house when you only need to cool your bedroom. With these systems, it is possible to add several indoor evaporator units in areas where these units are needed most, using only one external compressor.

How a Mini Split Works

The mini split has its condenser and compressor located outside the house and eliminates the need for bulky duct work and an attic or basement-located evaporator unit. This is made possible with the use of a thin copper tubing pumping refrigerant directly to wall mounted blowers discreetly located inside. Even more remarkable, the mini split works in reverse during winter, by absorbing heat from the air outside and heating your home. The result? A year-round efficient cooling and heating for total whole-house comfort.

Available in various mix-and-match configurations and capacities, there’s a mini split system even for difficult to cool and heat areas.

Easy Installation

Using a copper tubing through a small 4-inch opening on the ceiling or in the wall easily connects the outdoor and indoor units. Refrigerant is distributed from the outdoor unit through the lines to the indoor unit, distributing the air quietly throughout the interior space.

Units can either be showcased (mounted high on your bedroom wall eliminating duct work, to deliver total air cooling) or hidden (mounted above the ceiling or concealed in a framed enclosure just below the ceiling, with only the grilles showing for a clean and elegant look). They require minimal duct work.

Energy Efficient

Without the ducts, the mini split loses only 5% or less cooling than more or less 40% for traditional traditional forced-air units. Increased efficienciy reaching 33-SEER result in lower utility bills. Other models are even identified as Energy Star Qualified which means more savings on your electric utility bills.

Individual Zoning

This feature allows you to cool or heat only the necessary areas that need cooling or heating. This means you don’t have to unnecessarily pay for cooling or heating areas in your home that are not occupied.

Quiet Operation

Mini split air conditioners have outdoor and indoor units which enable the contractor to locate and install louder components such as motors and compressors outdoors. In effect, you get a more peaceful inside environment conducive to rest and relaxation.

No Ducts

Because of the copper tubing, ducts are eliminated and refrigerant is cycled efficiently through the lines quietly distributing cool air to the whole interior space.

Year Round Comfort

The mini split unit provides various homeowners and business operators only the needed amount of cooling or heating by installing up to 8 indoor units and connecting them to only one outdoor unit. Since indoor units vary in style and size each creating its own comfort “zone”, individual cooling or heating of specified areas are made possible by the mini split. Indeed, the unit is such a versatile cooling/heating machine indispensable and essential in every household or office.

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